Dance, Collaborate, and Shine: Bringing Music and Friends Together on Instagram

Oh, the joy of creating memories and sharing them with the world! Instagram has always been your go-to canvas, and today, we're adding some vibrant new colors to your palette. Let's dive into these musical, collaborative treats we’ve cooked up just for you.

Melodies for Your Memories

Remember that beach trip last summer or those quirky moments from a day out with friends? Now, you can add a sprinkle of music to your photo carousels, letting your favorite tunes play in the background. It's like giving your memories their own personal soundtrack. Go on, let that song play while the memories sway!

Melodies For Your Memories

Collaborate and Celebrate with Friends

Introducing 'Collabs' - an exciting way to team up with friends on Instagram. Whether it's that fun group pic from a party or a coordinated dance reel, you can now co-create a post with up to three buddies. The best part? Your joint masterpiece gets to shine on each of your profiles. And hey, whether your account wears the 'private' badge or flutters freely as 'public', you're all set to collaborate. Just ensure you and your chosen collaborator are following each other if you're on the private side.

Collaborate And Celebrate

Connect with Icons and Let Your Creativity Flow

Ever watched a reel by your favorite creator and thought, "I'd love to add my touch to that!"? With the 'Add Yours' sticker, now you can! Jump into fun prompts, challenges, and when your creation stands out, it might just get a nod from the very creator who inspired you. If chosen, you'll be notified, and with a public profile, the world gets to see your creation through the 'Add Yours' sticker.

Connect With Icons

An Expanded Universe of Music

Your voice, your expression, and the perfect song to go with it – music is indeed the heartbeat of many Instagram stories and reels. Great news! Our music library is setting its sights on more countries soon. Additionally, for our amigos in Mexico and Brazil, we're teaming up with Spotify to showcase the top 50 hits from Instagram Reels in a new Reels Music Chart.

Wrapping Up with a Musical Note

Our promise is simple: to continually amplify the joy, creativity, and connection you experience on Instagram. Keep those creative juices flowing, and we'll keep adding exciting features to enhance your journey. Here's to more music, more friends, and endless memories on Instagram!

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